Maintenance & repairs

Light and heavy maintenance of your classic Citroën

At CQS Classics we welcome you for a check-up or a maintenance of your beloved classic Citroën.

Points to be checked:

Levels of all fluids
State filters
Complete ignition circuit (spark plugs, cables and ignition)
Condition of brakes
Condition of suspension, steering and wheeltrains
Condition of hydraulic circuit when present
Lubrication of steering and suspension
Check-up of lighting, horn and windscreen wipers
Condition of tires and tire pressure
Condition of complete starting and charging circuit
Engine adjustment
Condition of engine and gearbox mounts
Condition of chassis

Depending on the number of kilometers driven and the time elapsed since the previous maintenance, the above parts will be replaced if necessary. This is of course always done in consultation with the customer. We would like to ask you to make an appointment if your car needs maintenance.

After this check and any repairs, your car is technically ready for the road. If the car has to go to technical inspection, all we have to do is adjust the lights and the CO. Afterwards you can drive to the technical inspection yourself, or we can do this for you.