Restauration & revision

At CQS Classics you can go for total and partial restorations. We also take care of the maintenance and repairs of your classic car. Moreover, we also take care of the optical image of your youngtimer or oldtimer through our extensive bodywork services, such as a Dinitrol treatment. Additional services such as transport are also taken care of by us.

Partial restoration

CQS Classics gives you the option to restore your Citroën 2CV to its original condition in various phases.

You can choose to bring your car to CQS Classics during the winter months. We take advantage of this ‘hibernation’ to perform the necessary repairs and restoration so that you can enjoy your old-timer again during the summer months.

How we proceed:

  1. You make an appointment and bring us your car.
  2. We look over your 2CV with you and discuss your wishes. After a thorough review by our specialists, we can assist you in a professional manner to determine the priorities.
  3. We draw up a phased plan in consultation with you, taking into account your budget and timing.

All work is done in consultation and in accordance with your wishes and specifications. Are you curious about some of our projects? Then view our restoration examples of the Citroën 2CV.

Total restoration

CQS Classics restores your Citroën 2CV to its original glory during one comprehensive restoration, in accordance with your wishes.

We take care of every aspect of the car during this total restoration, including the mechanics, the electricity and the bodywork.

How we proceed:

  1. We make an appointment for a preliminary visual inspection. We prefer to do this in our own workshop, but we can also come to you if necessary.
  2. We examine your 2CV with you and listen to your wishes. We also advise you on what we think is necessary to restore your 2CV to mint condition.
  3. We prepare an indicative quote, which we discuss with you.
  4. After you have approved our quote, we draw up a restoration agreement, in which we summarise all the works, budgets and agreements.
  5. You can follow the restoration process with your personal link to our website while we work on your car.


Are you interested in a free quote or do you want to review the different options with us? Contact us for an appointment. CQS Classics is at your service.

Are we already working on your Citroën?