Service & Restoration

CQS Classics can provide total and partial restorations. We also take care of maintenance and repairs of your classic car. Furthermore, we also provide the optical picture of your youngtimer or oldtimer through our extensive bodywork services, such as a recognized Dinitrol treatment. We also take care of additional services such as transport.

Citroën restauration and repair

Every restoration project is different. Let your Citroën oldtimer enjoy our personalized approach.

Restoration other brands

With many years of experience the CQS Classics team can bring your project to a good ending, no matter the brand or type.

Bodywork and welding

CQS Classics takes care of your spraying and welding work with the greatest detail.


Put your oldtimer in a new guise with a sandblasting treatment of one of our well-experienced technicians.

Dinitrol treatment

Protect your classic car in all weather with the anti rust treatment of Dinitrol.


CQS Classics is your reliable partner in transporting your oldtimer to or from events or the garage.

LED lighting

With LED lighting of Lasercar, CQS Classics provides your oldtimer with safety on the road.

Elektrisch servostuur

Have an electric servo wheel  build in your claasics and enjoy modern driving comfort.


Promotions on treatments and specialized actions concerning the care of your car can be found here.