Kit to build a 2CV / Méhari

Building your own classic car? It’s possible!

Starting from a donor car, you can manufacture a classic car yourself step by step.

After purchasing the suitable donor car, CQS Classics will help you on your way by means of a video call. We go through the various steps with you and draw up a schedule for your project. At every step, you have the choice to work with rival parts yourself or to let us carry out a partial restoration. We always accompany you with knowledge and tools.

What do you need?

  • About 150 free hours.
  • A budget of 12500.00 euros according to your wishes.
  • A workplace of 3x5m. You don’t need a bridge.
  • A basic set of tools.

You can start from 1500.00 euros for a 2PK and 2500.00 euros for a Méhari. Get started today and soon enjoy pleasant trips with your dream car. Let us together remove all the barriers that have held you back to realize your dream.


Start today and receive a 500.00 euro discount coupon on parts.