At CQS Classics, we keep moving forward.

Eden electric vintage car driving through mountains


The Citroën Méhari is back! Totally original, but with an electric motor, it is called Eden from now on. We import this electric convertible. So it is not a conversion, but an entirely new car, which you can configure and upholster as you wish, up to and including striped terry cloth or wicker carpets. For safety, it wears a roll bar anyway.

The twin cylinder has given way to a 15 kW electric motor, combined with a four-speed manual transmission. The lithium battery guarantees 80 to 130 kilometres of autonomy, depending on use. Nothing for cruising to Provence, then, but for carting around locally. The four-seater weighs just under 600 kilos and reaches 80 km/h.



R-FIT is a Retrofit device that allows replacing a vehicle’s combustion engine with an electric motor to run a car with zero CO2 emissions. The electric motor then joins the original gearbox. Thus, a donor car is always needed for this purpose.

This practice has now been legalised in France, as previously in many European countries. Much cheaper and with a lower environmental impact than buying a new electric vehicle, electric conversion extends the life of older cars by significantly reducing their maintenance costs.

Retrofit will be built at CQS in the future.


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