On 7 October the 2CV celebrated its 71st anniversary on October 7, 2019. One more year on the clock. Everyone is jealous, because this car still has all the charm and youth of a pretty woman, without Botox or other wrinkle treatments.

While her appearance may have evolved over the years in line with the fashions and buyers’ requirements, her structure has remained virtually unchanged for over 71 years.

The 2CV plays an important role in the history of CQS Classics. Next year, she will have been part of our company’s DNA for 20 years. We have seen every colour, in every condition, and every one of them has always been treated with love, in line with the owner’s budget.

At CQS Classics, we are therefore very proud to be able to give everyone the opportunity to continue to enjoy this milestone in history. Maintenance, repairs, a new chassis or even a complete makeover: we will make sure that the Citroën 2CV will continue to be a fixture on our streets for many years to come.