2CV platform change

Replacing the platform of a Citroën 2CV

A rusted platform usually means a red inspection certificate during the annual MOT. But don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your 2CV has come to the end of the road. It’s worth noting that welding rust holes is not always an option. The chassis may have already been tainted by rust to such an extent that it may have seriously degraded, meaning it is at risk of creasing or even breaking. Caution is therefore required.

CQS Classics has the expertise to make a professional evaluation of the state of the chassis of your 2CV. Where necessary we can also replace it. The relevant Belgian legislation is very strict, however. In fact, it is even stricter than in the neighbouring countries. When a chassis number of a 2CV is incorrect or incomplete, the car may be rejected or even banned from driving after an MOT.

You can avoid this risk by purchasing a new chassis from CQS Classics. Citroën and the Belgian Ministry of Transport have given us a mandate to engrave chassis numbers in a new chassis. This is done based on your vehicle documents. You then receive an engraving certificate from us, which you must keep with your vehicle documents. While we can install the chassis for you, you are of course free to install it yourself. Regardless of your preference, you can always make an appointment with CQS Classics for a platform change. Or you can visit www.citroparts.com, where you can buy a platform online.