Dinitrol anti-rust treatment

Dinitrol anti-rust treatment

CQS Classics is a recognized Dinitrol center and has the knowledge and technology to protect your classic from rust.
For an anti-rust treatment we have a standard procedure to guarantee the certainty of a high-quality service:


First we will look at the current state of your car. Is rust already visible and how can we fix it? With an endoscope we can look well into the hollow spaces, places that are not visible to the naked eye, such as the inside of the chassis. During this assessment it will become clear whether a Dinitrol treatment will have the correct effect. Because it is also possible that some parts are just too bad and that only a replacement of the part (eg chassis) will really solve the problem.


If you want a Dinitrol treatment for your car, we will prepare a quotation based on what we have seen, taking into account any special wishes you may have. We go through this offer together with you and propose a schedule. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use the car for a few days.


When we start, we first clean and dry the car. All areas to be treated are cleaned under high pressure, so that all rust becomes visible. If necessary, we first scrape away the top layers of this rust so that the products can act directly on the bottom layer of the rust. After this cleaning, the car must dry and we dismantle any parts that block access to the hollow spaces.


First we cover the parts that should not be treated. Then we apply Dinitrol ML on the rust-sensitive parts. This product penetrates deep into the rust layer and stops the oxidation process. Dinitrol is very liquid, which means that all corners and edges are easily reached. This ensures that moisture and dirt can no longer affect the metal. After drying, this product forms a waxy layer that neatly seals the seams and cracks. Finally we will treat the bottom with Dinitrol Sealant. This product ensures that the layer ML is protected against pebbles, road salt and other dirt. This product does not dry out and remains elastic, which provides extra protection.

After treatment:

After the treatment we reassemble all parts that may have been dismantled and the car must dry a little, so that all products can reach their best effect.
After this step, the car is completely ready and is again shiny and well protected against rust for you!
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