In 2019, Citroën celebrated its centenary. Over the past 100 years, the brand with the double chevron has arguably created some of the most beautiful and technically advanced vehicles in car history. In fact, cars such as the DS and the 2CV have gone on to become part of our cultural-historic heritage.

At CQS Classics we believe in preserving this legacy and maintaining the passion for the brand. The market shows us that iconic vintage cars offer great value, and that their value even goes up when they are restored according to the highest standards and in line with the original specifications.

In 2020, CQS Belgium turns 20!

To celebrate this , we started rolling out our plan for the future about a year ago. A plan that will give our company a boost to last another 20 years.

In recent months we have been investing heavily, not only in infrastructure, communication and people, but also in partnerships. We designed a new showroom and renovated the office spaces and the workshop.

In France, we acquired Citrostory, a renowned Citroën restoration company based in Aulnay-sous-bois, that kept the cars of the Conservatoire in mint condition for years.

We have also chosen to merge the activities of 2CV Mehari Factory and CQS.

Furthermore, we have entered into a partnership with a restoration workshop in Hungary with a unique production capacity to be able to meet the demands of both professionals and individuals and to better organize larger projects and sub-projects.

Because of all these expansions, we have also decided to change our name. From now on, CQS Belgium will be known as CQS Classics!


But our name change is not the only news we’re sharing today. We are proud to announce that we have been selected as the first and only “preferred partner” of Citroen Heritage. This recognition means that we can not only deliver Citroen restorations “approved by” Citroen Heritage, but also that we will restore projects on their behalf. We are particularly proud of this label and consider it as the result and the highlight of 20 years of hard work and focus on improving the quality.

And of course, a renewed business needs a new website!

That is why the websites, and are being merged into one new website:

The old websites still exist for the moment, but will eventually disappear into the new site.

Our goal remains unchanged: to ensure that Citroën’s rich history continues to be road-ready and that the owners of these magnificent and sometimes very complex cars can continue to enjoy their vehicles for many years to come. Even electrically, if need be.


Welcome to CQS Classics.


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